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GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]

GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]
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GrailKnights SC is back and going to be bigger than ever!

Unless notified all posts on this site by LATH will in fact be by me Lancerlotte.
I have assumed full control and responsibilty for GKSC.
As a result of this, i have to update and modify the GKEC.
I will be depending on the GKEC for full help, support and co-opperation. You, the GKEC, are considered to be sub-leaders, holding this position comes with great responsiblities. I trust you are up to the job else you would not have been selected. Any problems, just contact me. =)

There is a new forum page under developement. It is a members only area. A lot of new and updated information is available there, along with running polls, event plans suggestion forums.
A link to this new page will be posted on this site as soon as it is ready. A lot of it will be password protected, anybody found sharing their passwords will be removed instantly =)