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GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]

GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]
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Proposed Updates to GKSC

  GKSC Update 2013  

  - Proposed Clan Ranks Adjustment.  
  - Refreshing the Staff Ranks.  
  - Reviewing all members Ranks.  
  - Staff Position Vacancies.  
  - Clan Rules & Allocating Ranks.  

  Proposed Clan Ranks Adjustment:  

  The current Clan structure does not fit/align properly with GKSC Ranks.  
  I was aware of this since the RS Ranks System was updated, but never got around to it.  
  A new, and up to date Clan Structure has been drawn up.  
  I have kept as much the same as possible.  
  The highest 'earnable' rank will be General. (Currently the highest is Captain)  

  Refreshing the Staff Ranks:  

  Due to absences, and unfairly distributed workload, we need to review all members' ranks.
  Do not panic! Most of you will be unaffected.
  All Admin+ ranks will be set to General initially, 
  and we will offer the available positions as available.
  Any 'demotions' are in no way any form of punishment! 
  I am simply trying to make things a little easier on our awesome Clan Staff.
  Your standing within GKSC has not changed, we do need to reclaim the staff ranks though.
  I hope you understand on this point.
  All rank changes will be discussed within the GKEC, so please don't think it's just me picking favourites.

  Reviewing all members Ranks:  

  This is largely to do with inactive members/non-cappers.
  As I mentioned above, most 'GKM' ranks will remain unchanged.

  Staff Position Vacancies:  

  For a staff position, there is a job that needs doing.  
  The way it is set up, if everyone does their little job, the Clan runs smoothly.  
  If a Staff member slacks, then the effect knocks onto other areas/Staff.  
  If you are interested in helping GKSC run, let a GKEC member know asap.  
     GKEC > We will pool the names at the GKEC meeting.  

  If you  are not  offered a Staff position, please do not take it personally.  
  If you  are  offered a position, please remember you represent us.  

  Please feel free to discuss your thoughts on the above Proposed Clan Update.  
  Obviously, our Staff will continue to support one another, but the jobs need bosses.  
  Looking for as much feedback as possible before we discuss it in depth at the GKEC meeting.  
  I know everyone just wants to chill, and play RS. I understand that, but Clans do need staff.  
  If you are already Admin+, please understand the reasons for the update,  
  and definitely do not think we think any less of you or that we are punishing you.  

  Clan Rules & Allocating Ranks:  

  The Clan Rules, and the way in which the ranks are allocated, will remain the same  
  Completing Induction                                                                                = 2 Bananas (Corporal)  
  Gaining Full Fealty in Citadel                                                                  = Bronze Star (Lieutenant)  
  Lose your Fealty, or get caught shirking Citadel contribution   =   demotion to 3 Bananas (Sergeant)  

  I am posting this here so that ALL clan members are included in the process.  
  I am not simply wanting to shake things up.  These amendments are needed for the health of GKSC.  
  It would be great to hear your thoughts, and maybe even settle any concerns you may have.  

  All the best,  

RS Vote 2007 Runescape to open?

Check this out!...

Runescape Vote Link

Be sure to check out the discussion thread too!
(Might be a good idea to read up on what others have spotted)

Vote Discussion Thread

Everyone has their own opinions...
Vote as you will.


Tell Everyone!


No EoC Petition

Don't like the new Evolution of Combat?

Please take a look at this petition.

Roll Back The EoC Petition.

Hope everyone is doing well.
I'll pop on a bit more over the next few days.
Just been really busy.


LiveStream ~ MicroTransactions

LiveStream on MicroTransactions can be found here:

Discussion Thread: (Quick find code: 14-15-208-63969372)

Official Questions Thread: (Quick find code: 14-15-406-63989179)

QBD Released! Cluefest! Diamond Jubilee Event!

Queen Black Dragon has been Released!

Dragon Kiteshield is currently 800k! (won't be for long lol)

Diamond Jubilee Event and Cluefest are on!

Head to Varrock square and speak to Minnie Coop (NPC)
Find the Corgi's
(Look for the 'Return corgi' option!)

Corgi  Locations: 

1 -Ardougne Square (East Side)

2 -Brimhaven port (East side of the dock, on the coast)

3 -Castle Wars (inside the building)

4 -Altar near Priest in Peril quest (Alter between Varrock and Canifis)

5 -Just outside the Gnome Stronghold entrance (spirit tree then run south)

6 -One piercing note quest area (East of Al Kharid - Citharede Abbey)

It's worth reading the post on RS Homepage ;-)
We can get a queens guard in our POH =D

After helping Mini Coop, talk to Big Ben who then tells you to speak to Essjay.

This is for Cryptic Cluefest (1st June)

Check Forums Quick Find code:


Official GKSC Clothing

Official GKSC Clothing items are now available
They are slightly on the expensive side, but I intend to buy one hoodie and T-Shirt regardless.
I just have no definite dates yet. I will let clan know what the quality is like once I have bought one.
(Unless someone beats me to it)

I hope you like the designs. I would love to hear your opinions.
Yes, it was me who designed them. Don't all shout at me.

GKSC Members Hoodie - $50.90

GKSC Members T-Shirt - $32.40

GKEC Management Hoodie - $50.90


GKEC Management T-Shirt - $32.40

Are You Suffering with FPS/Ping problems?

I have been asked to encourage my friends to send a Technical Ticket to Jagex.
I you have been suffering with reduced FPS rates, increased Pings, extreme Lag, then please, I'm begging you! Send in a Technical Ticket!

"Dear Lancerlotte,

Thank you for submitting your information. This will prove extremely valuable for our research and in all fixing the problem :)

If you could inform any of your friends who are suffering from FPS problems about sending us a message then this would be superb - the more info we have the better!

Yours sincerely,
One Extremely helpful and informative JMod "

For obvious reasons, I cannot reveal the JMods name, but be assured, a 'Total Fix' is under development, and I believe, is currently being tested. It won't be long now!

Send them as much information about your system/FPS rates/Game settings/Ping values.
The more information we send them, the better the game will be!
Help us to make Runescape AWESOME once more!

It only takes a few minutes of your life. The problems have been going on for months, let's not drag it out further!

As one of your clan leaders, I try my very best not to advise you wrongly, or waste your time.
I hope at the very least, you have learned that much about me. This really is very helpful.

<3 Lancer