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GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]

GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]
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Members Scoreboard - To keep track of your own participation within GKSC.

Members and ranks - Rules have been updated, be sure to read them.

Members and ranks - The ranking system has been updated due to clan chat ranks.

GKSC Media - A couple of new vids including Demonking 17's duel 99 party.

GKEC - GKE Council to reshuffle and/or be designated their responsibilities for their position.

GKEC - See Lancerlotte for a declaration form.

GKSC Forums - I am starting work on updating and reviving the forums. Message will be posted when the work is complete.

Members - We are now recruiting, but please take care as to the kind of person you are recruiting. Please do not persuade bulk members from other clans, as this only leads to disruption in clan chat.

Christmas Party - Is being organised for 23rdDecember, world 129.

GKMship Numbers - Checks will be made randomly to ensure the right people are on the right accounts. Security first and all that.

Shout Box - Shout box is being spammed by an unsuitable candidate who failed to join GKSC. If you notice messages on there, please let me know so i can remove them as soon as possible. Thank you.