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GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]

GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]
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QBD Released! Cluefest! Diamond Jubilee Event!

Queen Black Dragon has been Released!

Dragon Kiteshield is currently 800k! (won't be for long lol)

Diamond Jubilee Event and Cluefest are on!

Head to Varrock square and speak to Minnie Coop (NPC)
Find the Corgi's
(Look for the 'Return corgi' option!)

Corgi  Locations: 

1 -Ardougne Square (East Side)

2 -Brimhaven port (East side of the dock, on the coast)

3 -Castle Wars (inside the building)

4 -Altar near Priest in Peril quest (Alter between Varrock and Canifis)

5 -Just outside the Gnome Stronghold entrance (spirit tree then run south)

6 -One piercing note quest area (East of Al Kharid - Citharede Abbey)

It's worth reading the post on RS Homepage ;-)
We can get a queens guard in our POH =D

After helping Mini Coop, talk to Big Ben who then tells you to speak to Essjay.

This is for Cryptic Cluefest (1st June)

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