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GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]

GKSC on StormFall [Age of War]
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Creating a Tech Group

I am trying to get a group of willing and talented people together who are well knowledged in certain areas.

I am currently looking for somebody who is experienced with...

Talented CSS / HTML writer (I'm ok but GKSC needs the best)

A Digital Artist (who can create our own high quality images istead of borrowing others)

Talented Image Editor / Video Editor / Audio Editor

There are other positions available, just let me know how it helps =)

This team will be the site admin team and will be responsible for putting your media on here, as well as keeping site up to date, working properly, and moderated.

(and hopefully we will be able to keep our page workin and up to date fluidly)

Let me know if you can commit